Spring / Summer '22

This season, we designed from the sentiment of fluidity between the surroundings and the jewelry–focusing on a palette informed by the vast variations in color experienced as sunshine combines with the sea and seashore. Irresistibly alluring with blends of natural elements of seashells and raffia, craftsmanship, and ethereal light-refracting crystals. Creating a gentle feeling of warmth, this collection is a representation of the found objects that offer endless memory and sweet nostalgia. Dreamy, transcendent, and more wearable than ever, with nods to the raffia of Patricia Urquiola, the prismatic acrylic work of Vasa Velizar Mihich, and the abstracted coral shapes of Matisse. We invite you to immerse yourself in the overflowing wonder of freedom, of light.

Cowrie Scarf Necklace White

spring / summer '21

Our Spring / Summer collection tells a story of a blissful and hopeful, restorative ease. Rooted in Bahamian sherbet and citrus shades, this season promises a serene, jubilant spirit of coastal getaways and summer romances. Highlighting a vibrant handmade French knots embroidery technique, the collection is furthered by sea glass beads, charms, and sculptural mother of pearls–emphasizing the simple act of collecting objects to cherish. Surrounded by iconic palm tree wallpaper and blooming botanicals, the island way of life has such a wonderous appeal.In a moment where travel stood still, we relied on memory and imagination to design a collection that felt overflowing with life. Immerse yourself in the gentleness of this collection. Dreamy, transcendent, and more wearable than ever.