Our charm collection is the culmination of a lifelong of collecting. Scouring flea markets and grandmother’s jewelry boxes, seashores and now concrete sidewalks. It is innate in all of us to have a quality of gathering, seeking beauty in the simplest things. Finding treasures. 

After this past year, we wanted to launch a collection of everyday pieces that simultaneously evoke nostalgic memories and provide a promise of good to come. A collection of eight charms in purposefully placed combinations with a focus on travel and discovery. Keepsakes to cherish. 

At its core, we hope this collection instills in us the importance of connectedness, represented here through the central charm, a compass. We hope these pieces instill happiness and hope and remind us the value of perspective. 

To the seekers in all of us, may your eyes be open in constant awe and wonder. And may you get lost in our latest charm collection.