Seasonal Styling with Scarf Necklaces

close up of cream seed beads and golden bronze tube beads in striped sections on a scarf necklace

When it comes to accessories, there's one piece that stands out as the true star of the show – the scarf necklace! We love to celebrate the transformative power of jewelry around here, and our scarf necklaces are the perfect example; they offer versatility, elegance, and charm. Today, we invite you to follow along as we dive into the enchanting world of the scarf necklace – a combination of scarf and jewelry that effortlessly elevates any outfit, whether it's the heat of summer or the chill of winter. We’ll show you how to style our necklaces for each season and share a few of our favorite options so you can look (and feel) your best year-round!

Summer Splashes of Color: Light and Airy Scarf Necklaces

As summer arrives, our necklaces offer a refreshing and playful accessory option. Hand-crafted from airy fabrics such as silk chiffon and matte silk, these necklaces drape delicately around your neckline, adding a touch of effortless elegance to your summer wardrobe. Choose from a variety of vibrant hues and playful patterns, from dainty florals to bold geometric designs. Each scarf necklace captures the carefree spirit of the summer season. Here are a few of our favorites that we think would make a great addition to your summer outfit lineup:

taza blue scarf necklace, anis yellow scarf necklace, and campbell seashell scarf necklace shown side by side

Taza Beaded & Embroidered Scarf Necklace | This stunning piece just screams summertime! The floral patchwork bandana combines the feeling of spring and summer with the patterns of textiles and motifs throughout Morocco. With some seriously gorgeous embroidery and a comfortable matte silk base, we love the overall warmth and wearability of this piece.

Anis Beaded & Embroidered Scarf Necklace | This is another adorable option for those who want to make a more subtle statement this summer. It’s a vibrant sunshine-hued scarf necklace with a silk chiffon base and a Moroccan-inspired motif comprised of beads. We love this perfectly neutral scarf for sun-drenched days ahead!

Campbell Seashells & Crystals Mini Scarf Necklace | Get ready to hit the beach in style with the Campbell Mini Scarf Necklace in neutral! This gorgeous piece features an artful array of seashells and high-shine crystals that combine to create a true masterpiece. This neutral scarf necklace embodies MG embroidery in our newest scarf silhouette!

Winter Blues: Cozy and Luxurious Necklaces

As the temperatures drop and winter's embrace covers us, it doesn’t mean you have to put your scarf necklaces away for the season. In fact, we have plenty of cooler-toned necklaces in beautiful winter hues that are perfect for accessorizing on cooler days. Choose from rich jewel tones or classic neutrals, each scarf necklace offering a luxurious touch to your cold-weather wardrobe. Here are a few of our top picks:

darra scarf necklace, dakota scarf necklace, and le charlot navy scarf necklace shown side by side

• Darra Beaded & Embroidered Scarf Necklace | This neutral-toned scarf necklace is perfect for pairing with a classic winter sweater or chic blouse. Reminiscent of shifting desert sands, this fully embroidered beaded necklace in ivory and bronze is a true work of art in its palette and high-shine allure. Style alongside our Salima drop earrings for chic layering!

Dakota Beaded & Embroidered Scarf Necklace | Talk about a true show-stopper! The Dakota Scarf Necklace in black and antique gold is one of our favorite pieces for the cooler months. Incredibly versatile and easy to wear, the symmetric beading hangs beautifully around the neck on lightweight silk chiffon. This is one of our best-sellers – and for good reason!

Le Charlot Navy Studs & Sequins Scarf Necklace | Adorned in pearls and layers of sequins, hundred-year embroidery techniques and couture elements make up this defining necklace. A significant silhouette for our brand, this scarf necklace was the impetus for Mignonne Gavigan in 2014 and has become our signature scarf necklace shape. We love the navy and black hues – they’re perfect for wintertime!

Transition Seamlessly Between Seasons with a Scarf Necklace

One of our favorite aspects of our scarf necklaces is their ability to transition seamlessly between seasons, offering year-round versatility and style. With a clasp to secure them in place, these necklaces can be worn in a variety of ways—draped elegantly around the neck with a blouse or as a playful pop of color and texture with a plain white t-shirt. Shop the complete selection of beaded scarf necklaces & bandanas today to find your new favorite accessory!

Celebrate the magic of MG scarf necklaces with us – a true embodiment of style, versatility, and self-expression. Whether you're basking in the warmth of summer or braving the chill of winter, let our necklaces be your companion on the journey of finding your personal style. Read more on how to style scarf necklaces in a previous blog post or reach out for personalized advice on a whole new look with our virtual shopping and in-person styling services.

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