Voyager Necklace Gold
Voyager Necklace Gold
Voyager Necklace Gold
Voyager Necklace Gold

voyager necklace gold

Welcome to our Charms Collection! Pieces rooted in the idea of connectedness, designed to instill a promise of optimism.

The easiest layering piece, this necklace has streamlined minimalism to it that we find incredibly refreshing. With subtle variation in chain details and scaled back sizing of charms, this necklace embodies a mix of sophistication & playfulness that we adore. Marked by the protection and travel charms, a promise of safe journeys ahead is present.


Compass: Embodying the essence of MG, we give an ode to our love for travel and the guiding force that leads us to new adventures. Forever seekers, this compass is an assuring and grounding presence.

Mother of Pearl EyeSymbolizing protection and perspective, this charm represents a deeper desire for understanding and widening of imaginations.

L: 18" long
W: .25" wide
Weight: 1.3 oz

14K gold plated brass
Glass crystals
Mother of pearl