Toffee/Pastel Pink
Toffee/Pastel Pink
Toffee/Pastel Pink

The Lux Petite Madeline Earrings the smallest member of our best-selling Madeline collection. Shrunken in size, and angled slightly downward on the ear, the Lux Petite Madeline Earrings are the perfect amount of earring for everyday. We added semi-precious stones and custom hardware to frame the hand cut sequins. Handmade earrings with glass beading underlaying colorful sequins to give a 3D effect. Super lightweight and backed with leather. 

Polished Rhodium Post back
Length: 50mm
Width: 24mm
Weight: 0.25 oz

Promotions may not be used on Madeline and Mini Madeline styles.

lux petite madeline earrings

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